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Interior Insights: Summer House Interiors

Interior Insights: Summer House Interiors

Abundant with warmth and timeless elegance, our latest instalment of Interior Insights explores a 1930s renovation by Shropshire-based design studio Summer House Interiors.

The couple shared, “Embarking on a full house renovation journey requires careful planning and consideration. We suggest kick-starting the process by gathering inspiration for styles and designs that resonate with you. This initial step sets the tone for the entire project and helps clarify your vision for the transformation.”

Interior Insights: Open-Plan Living

Drawing inspiration from their beautiful Shropshire surroundings, Stuart and Katie crafted an interior design palette with organic neutrality, perfectly suited for contemporary living.

Their sophisticated open-plan space combines kitchen, dining and living areas alongside a walk-in pantry. Effortlessly balancing modern style with traditional farmhouse references resulted in a truly refined design with lasting appeal.

Features our Victoria Plain collection and Hockley Shelf Brackets, both in our aged brass finish.

In the kitchen, shaker-style cabinets and Zellige-inspired tiles surround a large quartz-topped island. A two-tone colour scheme defines different areas of the space and brings fluidity across the open-plan design. Stuart and Katie paired Farrow & Ball Cornforth White and Studio Green to create this tranquil look.

Features our Victoria Plain collection and Hockley Shelf Brackets, both in our aged brass finish.

Throughout the interior, glimmers of traditional brass add a beautiful glow, evident in the hardware, fixtures and fittings.

Stuart noted, “We opted for Armac Martin handles to complement the superior craftsmanship showcased throughout the project and to infuse the cabinetry with character and charm.”

Features our Victoria Plain collection in our aged brass finish.

Accompanying the kitchen and dining areas is an impeccably styled living space. Here, a bespoke storage unit makes an understated statement and provides the perfect backdrop to a relaxed seating area.

Features our Victoria Plain collection in our aged brass finish.

To emulate the styling of this area, layer a mix of textures and shapes in similar tones. From the parquet flooring and cowhide rug to boucle fabrics and rustic pottery, this curated mix of materials creates an inviting living space to retreat to.

Framing the TV in this way organically shifts the focus to the whole area, concealing the device rather than allowing it to take centre stage.  

Features our Victoria Plain collection in our aged brass finish.

Interior Insights: Walk-In Pantry

In the atmospheric walk-in pantry, black crittall glass doors serve as a nod to architectural trends while preserving the property's heritage and character. This fusion of old and new establishes a unique ambience elevated by thoughtfully positioned lighting.

Stuart and Katie added, “We introduced striking black crittall glass doors, seamlessly integrating them both internally and externally. These additions not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the property, but also contribute to its functionality and allure. The interplay between modern design elements and timeless accents creates a space that feels both inviting and sophisticated.”

For those planning their own walk-in pantry, be inspired by five expert tips from Summer House Interiors:

1. Determine the available space for the pantry and plan its layout accordingly. Consider factors such as proximity to the kitchen, accessibility, and ease of movement within the space.

 2. Assess your storage requirements based on your household size, cooking habits, and shopping frequency. Include shelves, cabinets, drawers, and speciality storage solutions like pull-out racks or baskets to accommodate various items such as dry goods, canned goods, spices, and small appliances.

3. Design the pantry to facilitate easy access and organisation of items. Utilise adjustable shelving to accommodate items of different sizes, and consider incorporating storage containers, labels, and dividers to keep items tidy and easily accessible.

4. Ensure adequate lighting within the pantry to enhance visibility and make it easier to locate items. Consider both natural and artificial lighting sources to brighten the space and minimise shadows.

5. If incorporating appliances like fridges, freezers, or wine coolers, ensure access to utility connections such as electrical outlets and plumbing lines. Plan their placement strategically to optimise space and functionality.

By carefully considering these factors during the planning and design phase of a walk-in pantry, you’ll create a space that not only meets your storage needs but also enhances the efficiency and organisation of your kitchen.

Reflecting on the renovation, Stuart shared, “Our journey through this refurbishment project has not only revitalised the property but also reignited our passion for creating spaces that harmonise beauty, functionality, and individuality. We take pride in our contribution to transforming houses into homes that inspire.”

To see more of the property, follow the couple’s renovation account @reviving_no37

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