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Behind The Scenes: Our Finishes

Behind The Scenes: Our Finishes - Armac Martin

About Us

At Armac Martin we are dedicated to exceptional design and exquisite detail; passionate about celebrating true craftsmanship and committed to the art of using the finest materials to create products that truly stand the test of time. 

We believe that luxury is in the detail and take great pride in being able to offer over 20 finishes on our hardware allowing you to find the perfect finish and that personal feel. All of our products are made from solid brass which is timeless, luxurious, and above all, enables us to produce the finest selection of plated and patinated finishes.


Made in England

Our coveted finishes are applied in the heart of England at our Birmingham factory, where expert polishers masterfully hand-finish every single piece. From cabinet handles to drawer knobs, each product is passed through the skilful hands of our expert team, all of whom share the Armac Martin passion for detail and form the very heart of our business. 

Let us introduce you to some of our most desired finishes and give you a behind-the-scenes glance at the beautiful, artisan processes that create our elegant hardware.


American Bronze Lacquered Finish

Popular for wardrobe door handles and kitchen cupboard handles alike, our American bronze lacquered finish is at home in industrial spaces and modern aesthetics. 

To create this elegant finish our highly skilled Armac Martin finishers take the raw brass component and lovingly apply the American bronze paste by hand, then hand brushed to give a smooth consistent finish. The product is then hand polished on a wheel to push the paste in to the brass. The product then moved to the lacquer room where a highly durable clear gloss lacquer is applied by hand then baked in our ovens to ensure the lacquer cures offering lasting protection. Baking the lacquer is fundamental in producing a  harder and more durable layer to protect the finish from day-to-day usage and oxidisation.

Satin Brass Unlacquered Finish

Adored for its subtle luminosity and refined elegance, our satin brass unlacquered finish works perfectly in spaces where the defining details matter. The product is hand sateened to give a beautiful brushed satin finish and as a natural living finish it will naturally oxidise and patina over time. Each item is lovingly inspected at our factory in Birmingham as our expert finishers ensure our commitment to exceptional design and exquisite detail is met. 


Satin Antique Satin Lacquered Finish

Admired for its warm traditional tones and refined, elegant look, our satin antique satin lacquered finish suits a wide range of current interior styles and brings effortless sophistication to any room in the house. In our Birmingham factory, our experts apply an antique patina to the brass in a solution that allows the patina to gradually develop. The finish enters a cleansing bath before each piece is meticulously hand-relieved to give the elegant and iconic brushed effect. Once this has been inspected, each piece of hardware heads over to our lacquering station where a high-quality satin lacquer is carefully applied and baked in our ovens to ensure lasting protection from everyday usage and oxidisation. 

 To see more on our Satin antique satin lacquered finish, click here.

Satin Nickel Plate Finish

Our satin nickel plate finish works perfectly in elegant interiors and light, airy spaces. As with many of our luxury finishes the product is hand sateened to give a brushed satin finish, and then nickel plate is then dipped in to tanks for plating. Nickel finish is classed as a living finish that will oxidise over time creating a truly individual effect. 


Burnished Brass Finish

Coveted by interior designers for its radiant golden hues and elegant, stately look, our burnished brass finish suits a variety of interior styles from contemporary to traditional and is especially popular in country style kitchens. To create this opulent finish a light antique patina is carefully applied to the brass through our 3 tank process, the hardware is then hand- sateened to give a brushed satin finish and placed into barrelling machines full of cones which helps to achieve a naturally aged appearance. Meticulous inspection by our skilled finishers checks for unwanted imperfections.

Our burnished brass finish is hugely popular due to the natural oxidisation over time. This gradual change in appearance highlights the beauty of brass and adds character to your space.

Discover more of our finishes here or order a finish sample today.

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