Atelier by Armac Martin

With nearing a century of experience, let our skilled team impeccably transform your ideas into the perfect brass fixtures and fittings for when you simply need something one of a kind.

For bespoke brass products, Atelier by Armac Martin is at your service. We understand that sometimes, your project may require a unique brass piece, or indeed, a collection and we’re delighted to provide both full and partial bespoke design and manufacturing services for our luxury brass products.

With nearing a century of experience, let our highly skilled team impeccably transform your ideas into bespoke brass pieces. We invite each of our Atelier clients to experience Armac Martin in person with a visit to our Birmingham factory, where our design experts can help to inspire your designs and you can discover the manufacturing process up close.

Our bespoke service includes:

CAD – 3D rendering and technical drawings so you can clearly visualise your hardware.
3D printing from our prompt prototyping machine to produce a resin prototype that you can see and feel to experience the design and proportions.
Laser engraving to subtly add your own branding on a wide array of bespoke products and our core collections.
Expert technical sales support so you have personal support throughout.

Fully bespoke

No matter what form your design ideas are in, work with our dedicated team to create a completely bespoke product. From size and style to branded engraving, we’ll create 3D designs so you can experience how the finished hardware will look and feel to ensure it fits with your project, before creating final technical drawings for you to sign off before production begins.

Lead times are primarily between 8 - 12 weeks for this service.

Partially bespoke

Our partially bespoke service is perfect for when you’ve found the hardware pieces you need from one of our core collections, yet the measurements aren’t quite right for your design. We can customise the length, diameter and projection for you so that the hardware fits perfectly for your project.Lead times are primarily between 6 - 8 weeks for this service.