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Crossways - New Additions

Crossways - New Additions - Armac Martin

Featuring stylish geometric shapes, we’re delighted to present that one of our most distinctive collections, Crossways, now includes five charming new additions this autumn. 

What’s new?

As one of our best-selling collections favoured for its character, charm and showcasing a distinct art deco appeal, Crossways now includes a pull handle, drawer pull, appliance pull, t-bar and knob option, to sit elegantly alongside the existing range.  

Crossways Knob

Both decorative and functional in equal measure, the new Crossways hexagon cabinet knob is perfect for bedrooms and dressing room furniture with a nod to the art deco era.  

Crossways T-Bar

Made from the finest solid brass, the striking new hexagonal Crossways t-bar promises to not only look the part but to ensure durability too.  

Crossways Pull Handle

Designed with a hexagonal cut giving it that distinctive look and feel, the new Crossways pull handle is available in four sizes, including two appliance pulls and can be installed both horizontally and vertically for additional design flexibility.  

Crossways Drawer Pull

Effortlessly elegant, the new Crossways drawer pull is an exquisite option for drawers and matches seamlessly with other pieces in the collection. 

Art deco appeal

Originating in the 1920s, the art deco design movement is one that has continued to showcase style and sophistication for a century. The decorative and geometric symmetry of the movement can be seen in some of the world’s most iconic landmarks including both the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building in New York.

Its distinctive details are reflected in furniture and interior design all over the world and our designers opted for the bold hexagon shape to form the core look of the Crossways collection, bringing instantly that desirable art deco flair to an array of luxury solid brass hardware pieces for modern-day. 

Editor’s notes

Our Crossways collection is available in over 20 signature brass finishes meaning achieving your desired hardware look has never been so effortless. From the warmth of traditional burnished brass to the understated beauty of a satin antique satin lacquered finish, Crossways is brimming with style for this season and beyond.

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