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2024 Home Office Design Ideas

2024 Home Office Design Ideas

Whilst the home office certainly isn’t a new concept, creating a space that makes you feel inspired and productive each time you sit at your desk has never been more important.

So what makes the perfect home office? Firstly, it should be a purposeful space that promotes productivity, whilst ensuring you’re comfortable and there is minimal distraction so you can get straight down to business.

No matter if you have a whole room dedicated to your home office or are setting up in the guest room, we're exploring all things home office to help you create your own wonderful workspace. From on-trend home office decor options to insider tips on how to successfully navigate home working, if you're in need of inspiration to transform your workspace and your work from home mindset, look no further as we share some of our favourite home office ideas.

Home office ideas for creating a permanent workspace...

From chic creative corners to sartorial office spaces, to create your perfect permanent workspace, you’ll want to concentrate on the layout for the ultimate functional, feel-good space.

Whether you’re starting fresh in a spare room or seeking small home office ideas to make the most of your space, layout is everything. Begin by establishing the furniture you need to be able to work, make a floor plan and go from there. Be practical too - a home office should be a suitable space to work in and so have this at the forefront of your design decisions.

If your home office is within another room like a bedroom or the living room, choose a layout that helps to make your workspace feel separate from the rest of the room so you can ‘log off’ for the day without feeling like you’re still in the office.  

Interior designer Sophie Paterson proves that a desk in the bedroom doesn’t have to look out of place - it’s all in the positioning. By setting the desk in a corner you’ll benefit from that all-important separation and if the space allows, try adding a room divider or screen too.

If you need to place your desk against a wall, create an inspiring backdrop like designer Monika Hibbs with styled shelves (also great for storage) and a pinboard to display quotes amongst notes and reminders - this is also a great option for children that are homeschooled or learning remotely.

Home office essentials...

Laura Hammett, Creative Director at Laura Hammett notes, ‘A good way to get started with your home office is to invest in high-quality basics; a sturdy desk and a comfortable chair are a solid investment for both your focus and your posture. You'll be sitting in it for 8 hours a day and it is hard to be productive if you are uncomfortable.

More than a table

The absolute essential, after all, you need somewhere to put your laptop. Whilst it can be tempting to choose a sleek console table, a desk is designed with work in mind. Think about what you need to have out in front of you at any one time and choose a desk that will allow you ample space for this. A desk with built-in storage is ideal too if you need to have other things to hand.

Take a seat

Investing in a desk chair to ensure you’re comfortable and your posture is suitably supported should be high on your list of home office priorities - a dining chair simply won’t do. Ergonomic is the keyword here - these types of chairs are designed to enhance your level of comfort, reducing pressure on your body and ensuring it is suitably supported.

Let there be light

Ideally, your home office will be filled with as much natural light as possible to keep your Vitamin D levels topped up and reduce eye strain and headaches, however, on darker days, or, in smaller spaces, it’s worth giving a little extra thought to achieving the right light for you to work in - think about the positioning of lamps and the type of lightbulbs too.

A place for everything

‘Storage solutions are very important for a permanent workspace’ says Laura. ‘If your office materials are laying around in the evening, it can be tempting to pick them up out of habit while you are supposed to be relaxing at the end of the day.’ From styled open shelving and bookcases to neat drawers and cabinets, spending time exploring different home office storage ideas to optimise and organise your workspace is a must.

Elevate your home office environment...

Your home office design should be more than just an aesthetically pleasing and practical space to work from, the way you decorate your workspace can also have a positive impact on your overall productivity and wellbeing.

Natural beauty

This tranquil home office by @amaliaboier.interiors shows how effective utilising a neutral palette and dressing with interesting textures and minimal shelf styling can be to bring the quiet luxury look to life.⁠

This timeless and tranquil design by @studioyadesignny perfectly encapsulates the quiet luxury aesthetic, pairing natural materials with fresh foliage for a sophisticated appeal.

Bring the outdoors in

Succulents, cacti, even a herb garden, the addition of a few botanical accents here and there will not only give your office serious style, but they’re also great for your health. The presence of nature and greenery helps us to relax, reduces our stress levels and improves productivity too, so add houseplants to the top of your home office wish list. Image by Fifi McGee.

Temperature time

We’ve mentioned comfort a number of times already - and with good reason; if you’re fidgeting, you’ll find it challenging to focus. Temperature isn’t the first factor that springs to mind when you’re looking for home office inspiration, yet it’s a simple but significant detail. On warmer days, let fresh air flow by opening a window or door and when the temperature drops, keep the room warm - but not too warm that you start to feel sleepy. Image by Abington Design House.

Find your sound

A quiet space is essential to help you get in the right frame of mind to work, however, what we really mean here is quiet from distractions like another member of your household or the tv. Depending on the nature of your work, some individuals simply can’t focus without a little background noise and so it’s worth making a playlist that helps you get in the zone or try putting on a podcast. Images by Lauren Wood.

Make it personal

Interior preferences are personal and so your home office style should aim to motivate and inspire you - essentially you want to enjoy your surroundings for optimum work from home success. Details like favourite photographs and artwork displayed thoughtfully will add an instant personal touch as demonstrated by bespoke joiner Todd James and interior design firm Kate Bowl Interiors.

No matter the colours you covet, there’s an art to applying them to achieve your ideal home office decor. Jenny adds, ‘It’s worth considering the natural light within the room, which as well as size and window quantity, is particularly affected by orientation – for example, colours in north-facing rooms usually read cooler and flatter due to lack of natural light so counterbalancing this with warmer or stronger hues creates drama and interest.

If you’re a neutral-lover, Jenny suggests painting walls in Farrow and Ball's School House White and introducing playful pops of colour in smaller doses; for example sunshine brights like Farrow and Balls Charlotte's Locks on a bookcase or Little Greene's Mister David in an alcove.

Jenny says, ‘Blues and greens are generally regarded as the ideal colours for home offices due to their ability to instil feelings of calm and relaxation, yet both increase drive and productivity too. . Darker tones help to stay focused and add a sense of separation from the rest of the home. A softer hue like Little Greene's Celestial Blue or Farrow and Ball's Lichen are both sure to leave you feeling inspired.’ Image by Will Mundy.

For those who favour yellows, oranges and reds, these colours are associated with increased activity, energy, optimism and creativity, however, rather than braving bolder hues, Jenny notes, ‘It’s best to use muted versions of these colours like Farrow and Ball’s Hay or Dead Salmon as too much can be overstimulating and distracting.’ Image by Moduu Living.

Once you’ve created your dream home office setup, all that’s left to do is get to work and so little daily rituals can help with your work from home mindset. Richard McGrail, our Commercial Director says, ‘I like to kick off my WFH mornings with a strong cup of GRIND coffee and a teams call with my colleagues - feeling focused and in control is key to ensuring my day runs smoothly.’  

Even the most experienced remote workers get distracted, from parcel deliveries to children running around, it can certainly be a challenge at times to remain focused and so Richard notes, ‘I use headphones for the majority of my day to play music whilst I work and for meetings.’ It’s not productive for anyone to stay sitting at their desk for a prolonged period without a change of scenery and so Richards says, ‘I try (when possible) to take meetings whilst going for a short walk - if it doesn’t require me to be at my desk, getting outside helps me feel energised. There's nothing like fresh air to reinvigorate you in the middle of your day.’

5 home office designs to try

  • Embrace the ‘shelfie’ to display decorative accessories whilst also keeping things organised; group books and magazines together and add boxes to tidy away items you don’t need to access every day.
  • Upgrade existing storage like drawers and cabinets with new hardware - these smaller design details will instantly breathe life into furniture you already own.
  • Opting for a gallery wall in your home office not only makes a statement, but it’s also an effective way to add hints of colour and character.
  • Make a small home office feel bigger with a mirror - a leaner mirror works best for maximum impact but if you’re short on space, hang a mirror on the wall opposite your window to reflect the light.
  • To minimise clutter, wireless tech is the only way. Wires can soon start to look messy so opt for wireless keyboards, printers and so on to keep things under control.

Spending time curating the right home office design and creating a working environment that suits your needs is the key. Remember to ensure you have all the essentials, choose a mood-boosting colour scheme and consider the rituals that help you to concentrate so you can effortlessly get stuck into your work at any moment.

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