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New finishes for 2024

New finishes for 2024

We are proud to manufacture our hardware and interior accessories from solid brass at our factory in Birmingham, where we apply an array of plated and patinated finishes by hand. Our brass finishes range from more traditional tones like aged brass, to the contemporary appeal of matt black.

Our new finishes all are living and will develop a beautiful patina over time. The range includes:

Aged copper (AGC)

A warm copper-toned finish, the earthy look of aged copper pairs beautifully with olive greens or with teal and turquoise hues.

Aged copper inspiration:

Cotswold Knob & Pull

MIX Cabinet Handle, Knob and T-Bar with Backplate

Dark aged brass (DAB)

A deeper brass option, dark aged brass works in harmony with warm neutral tones and adds depth to decadent heritage colours like navy and aubergine.

Dark aged brass inspiration:

Colmore Cabinet Handle and Knob

Dougan Knob and Cabinet Handle

Fine English antique (FEA)

A timeless golden brass finish to provide an antique look that will naturally age over time, Fine English antique compliments a wide array of colour schemes, adding a distinctive worn character to interiors.

Fine English antique inspiration:

Grove Cabinet Handle and Knob

Digbeth Ridged Cabinet Handle and Knob with Backplate

Dark bronze (DBZ)

A rich chocolate-toned finish, Dark bronze is a sophisticated choice to adorn neutral decor and also enhances colours like blush pink and warm grey.

Dark bronze inspiration:

Barwick Plain Cabinet Handle and T-Bar with Backplate

Gaumont Cabinet Handle and Knob


Explore our complete suite of brass finishes.

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